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Punish The Parents

I totally agree with Advertiser correspondents Margaret Minney and Scott Barrowman. Students of today have so many free lesson periods and too many holidays.
Bring back the four terms a year, with one week between terms and four weeks over the Christmas/New Year break. School should start at 8.30 and finish at 4 pm.
Schools should be notified by members of the public when they see uniformed students bludging around the streets. Parents and students should be punished when there are transgressions of this type.

[... riiiight]
president obama fighting a protesting fly that happened to be flying near-by...a conspiratorial assassination of the third kind before it had a chance to speak its truth.


Jackson leaves legacy of moral degeneracy
Television screens hawked that his "legacy will be felt forever."

In that case, the more reasoning amongst us should run for cover. Moral degeneracy will reach new "heights" and a dark, moonwalk-type world, laced with occult imagery, will just accelerate.

When the late Michael Jackson changed form into a panther, that was animal metamorphosis - a pagan, occult practice. As media announcers fall all over themselves to praise Jackson (who promoted the dark arts in dance), whose song "Body" has probably inspired many illegitimate births, whose female lead in "Thriller" had no problem appearing in the pornographic magazine "Playboy," no one seems to asks who/what was behind the rise to idol status? Mediumistic-prone spiritism is never mentioned.

Erotic manipulations, lewdness, abdominal-area gyrations along with step-hop rigidity in a self-hypnotized state spell vulgarity - of the worst order. His approach ever-encouraged a primitiveness that makes people more distant to each other. Underlying all was his message to youths: release all inhibitions. The "fruits" of the above are, to repeat, moral degeneracy into all classes.

Carol Woster


There was an article the other day about how religion leads to gullibility and irrational thinking, and appealing to authority instead of thinking for themselves. And also talked about superstitions, and alternative medicines.

"You forgot one item under your "Flights of Fancy" section, Tory.Evolution or 'evolutionary science' is the belief that 'time' created the world through a mysterious 'big bang' and eons of lucky accidents.
Evolution is n ot even a proper theory. It's just a hypothesis and has never been and cannot be proved by empirical science".

Luckily today someone wrote in about how the word 'theory' works in terms of science (ala theory of gravity!) and that evolution and the big bang are two separate theories.


I found this on ADN Letters to the Editor. It's regarding an ordinance to ban discrimination against LGBT people in Anchorage, Alaska:

It's pretty bad.Collapse )

My brain hurts. At least it looks like he's really being held to task in the comments, which made me happy. I had typed up a response myself, but I realized that you had to register to post comments, and I'm lazy (and not a fan of mandatory registration to read or comment on something). Here it is:

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All aboard the crazy train!

I found this in a local newspaper here. It's a bit lengthy and nutty, so I'm putting it behind a cut for the sake of your friends list and sanity.

It's time to ask your doctor about chlorpromazine.Collapse )

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Hi everyone! I'm still here, just been busy with university. I'll try to find some more letters soon, but in the meantime... have you seen one that you could share?

Shocking Reaction

[Someone died by shark attack recently, and there was/is talk about hunting the shark down]

I find it very sad when friends and relatives of the victim come out and say: "He would not want the shark hunted."
It shows they are in shock and more concerned about their personal image than the victim's death.
It is extremely important to retrieve the victim's body; hence, allowing the family and loved ones to mourn the death and have proper closure.

Another irritating imbecile.

I’ve been meaning to post this for quite some time. It’s an example of those who write in with no grasp on how language is used to make inferences.

Herald Sun, Wednesday, December 10, 2008 (50/50):

Kevin 24/7, financial aid to everyone except single people. Why? We work, pay more tax, and vote.

Forgotten, Ivanhoe
Oh, so pensioners (whatever their type) don’t vote? Single people always work as a rule? Old-age pensioners have never paid tax? This is all news to me. Watch me rack up a fine when I don’t vote at the next election.


A letter in The West Australian, Monday November 24, 2008:

"I wonder if it is time we included all the participating nations colours in remembrance day events. We surely no longer regard our former adversaries as current enemies, do we? We include the colours of the US, France, Russia among those we "remember", yet at one time or other we were at war with each of them. When did that change? The Germans and Japanese suffered, too, and these nations are currently our allies in today's conflicts. Have we evolved enough yet to see war in real perspective?"

Now, I'm pretty certain Australia has never been "at war" with the US, France, or Russia - that, or I'm missing what must be a very large part of our history.